Dung Lam and Marlon Camacho, lawyers of West Garbutt, have authored the following paper published in the New South Wales Law Society Journal on the recent Revenue NSW Ruling regarding the Transfer of Primary Production Property between Family Members. This paper discusses the NSW duty exemptions available for family farm succession planning.  

To access this document, please click here : Handing down the family farm without NSW Duty

Lawyers Mark West and Alex Whitney, author the following paper which covers what is understood to be the current ATO view on, and also how to proactively manage and mitigate the risks in relation to, reimbursement agreements. This paper was presented by Mark West at the 2021 Queensland Tax Forum.

To access this document, please click here : Trusts 100A – reimbursement agreements; identifying and reducing taxpayer risks

In response to the impact of Covid-19 on the Queensland economy, the Queensland government has announced a range of land tax relief measures.  Lawyers Lyndon Garbutt and Mark West have prepared an overview of the measures for Queensland landowners, including how the different measures can be accessed and considerations to be taken into account in determining eligibility.

To access this document, please click here : Queensland land tax – Covid-19 Relief