West Garbutt have extensive expertise and experience in representing clients subject to a variety of revenue audits including Top 320 income tax audits, wealthy Australian income tax audits, GST audits, payroll tax audits and land tax audits.

In the attached article, Lyndon Garbutt and Michael McLaughlin describe how best to guard against tax audit risk, summarising:

  • why high wealth individuals and private wealth groups have an increased exposure to the risk of income tax audits;OK
  • the potential costs of tax audits; and
  • strategies to help manage the risk associated with audits.   (more…)

The application of Queensland land tax to land held in trust by private wealth families can easily be misunderstood.  In the attached article, Lyndon Garbutt and Alex Whitney summarise: the circumstances in which land will be held on trust for land tax purposes; who will be regarded as beneficiaries; and the circumstances in which land held on trust should be eligible for the home exemption and primary production exemption.


Lyndon Garbutt, Principal of West Garbutt co-presented with Liz Goli, Queensland Commissioner of State Revenue on State taxes to the Chartered Accountants of Australian and New Zealand (CAANZ) at their monthly update series in Brisbane, Queensland. 

If you want to learn more about land tax and payroll tax in Queensland and what Chartered Accountants can do to help ensure their clients’ affairs are in order, then attached is a copy of their presentation.