The ATO will be notifying all tax agents in early December 2019 regarding which of their clients will be coming under review by the expansion of its Tax Avoidance Task Force. Affected taxpayers include any private wealth groups that control more than $5 million in wealth or have more than $10 million in turnover.  Essentially, the ATO has: expanded its Top 320 program to be a Top 500 program, focusing on the 500 largest private wealth groups in Australiaintroduced a new high wealth private groups program focused on private groups with more than $50 million in wealthintroduced a new medium and emerging private groups program focused on private...

The Queensland OSR has recently launched its new online portal ‘OSR Online’.  The portal provides a secure electronic platform for landowners and their advisors to manage land tax obligations.  Lyndon Garbutt and Mark West have prepared an overview of the portal, including how to access and register for the portal, how to link related companies and trusts and how to authorise advisors.

West Garbutt have extensive expertise and experience in representing clients subject to a variety of revenue audits including Top 320 income tax audits, wealthy Australian income tax audits, GST audits, payroll tax audits and land tax audits. In the attached article, Lyndon Garbutt and Michael McLaughlin describe how best to guard against tax audit risk, summarising:
  • why high wealth individuals and private wealth groups have an increased exposure to the risk of income tax audits;OK
  • the potential costs of tax audits; and
  • strategies to help manage the risk associated with audits.