Dung Lam and Marlon Camacho, lawyers of West Garbutt, have authored the following paper published in the New South Wales Law Society Journal on the recent Revenue NSW Ruling regarding the Transfer of Primary Production Property between Family Members. This paper discusses the NSW duty exemptions available for family farm succession planning.   To access this document, please click here : Handing down the family farm without NSW Duty ...

Mark West and Lyndon Garbutt provided a tax lawyer’s overview of available exemptions and concessions to attendees from various not for profits and charities at the Queensland Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) sharing knowledge breakfast. The presentation focused on the importance of payroll tax, land tax and other State taxes for not for profit organisations and charities operating in Brisbane and Queensland.  Strategies to manage exposure to shortfalls with tax and to deal with overpayments of tax were also shared.  Co-presenter Sandra Wojcik of UnitingCare providing attendees an insight from the perspective of an in-house tax counsel within a large NFP. For people wanting more information on payroll tax, land tax, duty and local government regulations as they apply to not for profits and charities, please click on the below link to access a copy of the powerpoint presentation.  Should more detailed advice be required, please contact one of our specialist tax lawyers.

West Garbutt have extensive expertise and experience in representing clients subject to a variety of revenue audits including Top 320 income tax audits, wealthy Australian income tax audits, GST audits, payroll tax audits and land tax audits. In the attached article, Lyndon Garbutt and Michael McLaughlin describe how best to guard against tax audit risk, summarising:
  • why high wealth individuals and private wealth groups have an increased exposure to the risk of income tax audits;OK
  • the potential costs of tax audits; and
  • strategies to help manage the risk associated with audits.