Mark West and Lyndon Garbutt have worked closely with the local Asian ex-patriate community in Brisbane and Sunnybank for over 15 years.


We work closely with bi-lingual accountants and advisers to ensure Australia’s complex tax rules are understood and complied with.  It is important that advice be obtained, as penalties for any non-compliance can be as high as 75% of any tax shortfalls. Penalties will often be reduced to nil if there is voluntary disclosure of any shortfalls, however this requires input from our team prior to the commencement of any Government audits.


We have experience in advising high wealth families with interests in Australia and overseas regarding their Australian interests.  This includes providing advice from an income tax perspective regarding residency and assisting Australian based family members in resolving queries from the Government regarding whether inbound money, from overseas family or other sources, should be subject to Australian income tax.


We also advise families with overseas connections regarding the impact of being an absentee on available land tax exemptions and concessions, particularly where significant amounts of time may be spent by landowners offshore.


For further information on our team members, please read the Chinese versions of their profiles.